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Customer Testimonials

This is just to say thanks for your support. It is fantastic on how fast you people responded to help me!
E. Martin

Thanks you guys for all your help! You are a fantasic company and I'll continue to recommend your products to friends and colleagues.
Many thanks,
David P.

Thank you for your strong support. Being self employed I understand when one's trying to give their customers the best support available. You have accomplished that and I will gladly recommend your product.
David E.

Dear Scrubbers, I downloaded the trial version of CyberScrub today and after a deep clean, my disk free space went from 62% to 70% free space. Webroot window washer currently on trial made negligible differnece, and although I believe that it is a good product, cyberscrub has proved to be certainly superior. Regards, Albert D.

Have I told you lately that you're the best? Anyway, I will try those sites. Thank you very much for being so helpful, polite, quick, perfect...etc...etc. You make your company look great and make me loyal to your product, just because of the level of service you provide.

I just wanted to take a moment and sincerely compliment your company and staff for being willing and able to respond to any concerns a customer might have concerning your product. I have had the displeasure of dealing with corporations in the past whereby it was like "pulling" teeth" trying to get them to respond to a question or concern. Keep up the great work! I will certainly recommend CyberScrub to anyone using the Internet!
Roy O.

I compliment you on your excellent service.
Karamjit S.

I want to tell you that the customer support I have received from you is by far the best I have ever received, including my internet service provider and manufacturer of my computer. In terms of substantive advice and timeliness you guys are tops! Paul M.

Thank you so much for the expedient reply. CyberScrub is truly a very high quality and essential product in this day and age. Your support team is excellent.
James F.

Thank you for all your help and patience, I have downloaded CyberScrub successfully. You are a 5 star customer support.
Mal J.

My sincere thanks for your prompt reply, I have CyberScrub up and running again thank you!
You are very helpful and considerate to your customers, a pleasure to deal with such a caring company. I am frequently recommending your product to anyone I meet or know who has a computer!
Steve W.

Thanks for all your help! I don't know of too many companies who would have gone through what you folks did to help me out. You have my utmost respect for the way you handled my problem. You can be assured that I will tell everyone I know about your great product, but even more so, about your outstanding customer relations. Once again, I appreciate your help. Sincerely, Chuck K.

Just wanted to let you know I got and installed the disk. Everything is working the way it is supposed to. Thanks for your help, I never thought I would use CyberScrub again but you turned that around. I have already told a couple of co-workers about your handling of my problem and they are going to buy your program. Thank you for everything - Doug

Sincere Thanks, have downloaded and am up and running! Such prompt action shows how you value your customers! Thank you once again.
Steve W

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess it just goes to show how good customer service really is important. I just purchased the professional version of CyberScrub[Privacy Suite] with the lifetime update insurance policy and I wouldn't have done this if I hadn't got such a great response from you guys. So well done and I look forward to downloading new and even better versions in the future! Dave H.

Thank you so much for ALL your help!!!! You're the best out there in customer service! Kindest regards, John

Dear Customer Support team, Many thanks for your prompt reply.  I have done as instructed and CyberScrub Pro 3.5 is now installed and working perfectly.  I very much appreciate your help. Best regards, John B.
(Another CS satisfied customer)

Thank you for your prompt reply. Its nice to know there is a company out there that still pays attention to you after you have paid for the product. Thank you, L.K.

Many thanks for such a quick and efficient reply. I wish a lot more companies were as quick as yourselves. Regards, T C Wells

Thank you for your excellent customer support. I was able to fix the problem with my software as suggested in the attached email. Richard F.

WOW! You have a customer for life. Thank you very much. It wasn't necessary, but it's appreciated. Todd and Lisa B.

I wish to thank you for your quick response. I have used CyberScrub for several years now and I am very happy with it. Your continued customer support means a lot to me. Again, thank you. Gail S.

Your service is outstanding and I don't mind informing people of that when it is deserved. I know I have made the right choice in choosing CyberScrub over other products on offer and want you all to know I am delighted with your product and the after-sales treatment I have received. If you want a third party referral for anyone just point them in my direction for a glowing reference. Thank you all for the trouble taken to resolve my little problem, it is appreciated. Best regards & take care, Stewart R. (Scotland)