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Secure your computer from attack
Destroy viruses, worms and Trojans
Includes 5 Year License

Only $49.95

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"Super program" - I would recommend this antivirus to anyone. It really works and is easy as pie to use. - Don R.

"Wow, what a great solution" - After using Norton and McAfee for years and having viruses get through and wreck havoc on my computer, finally there is a solution that catches all the viruses that have hit my machine. I found out about CyberScrub Antivirus from a friend who’s a real techie and I really owe him thanks. - Cynthia K.

"What will I do with the money I’ll save?" - Probably buy my wife something! All joking aside, the product works and is a great value. - William S.

“Better than the rest!” - I am no geek, but I know that this program has worked better than any previous antivirus program I’ve had. It installed easily, updates all the time and does the job. It’s that simple!
- Linda Z.

“Simple to use and very effective” - This is an excellent program! For Real! It stopped the MYDOOM again and again when it was rampant. It doesn’t have all the BS bells and whistles that aren’t needed anyway. Just simple and effective! - Patrick B.

“Worked for me” - I had been using other programs and thought I would give this one a try. It found so much stuff that other programs had missed. No wonder my machine had been bogged down. After using CyberScrub AV my computer zips along with no problems. - Brandon R.

“Excellent” - CyberScrub Antivirus is one of the best I have seen. This program isn’t bloated with unnecessary stuff like most of the rest. I can only recommend this AV. The features are just right and the price for five-year license can’t be beat. - Dane K.

“Lean and Mean” - For the pricing, I wondered if it was too good to be true, but CyberScrub Antivirus delivers. This thing does what it's supposed to do and uses very little system resources. It also automatically updates itself every day! - Lance D.

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