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Secure your computer from attack
Destroy viruses, worms and Trojans
Includes 5 Year License

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• Provides Five Year update subscription
• Checks the computer and diskettes for viruses on demand
• Continuously checks for viruses in all files upon their opening or executing
• Scans for viruses in MS Outlook Express email databases
• Removes viruses from ZIP archives
• Streamlined updating of the anti-virus database
• Includes Kerio Firewall for added protection
• Super fast and powerful scanning engine
• Updates available every three hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Prompt, courteous and reliable customer service
• Extreme ease of installation and use- Install and forget!
• Schedule scans
• Award winning technology

CyberScrub AntiVirus, Lifetime Edition is designed to provide reliable anti-virus protection for home computers running Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000/NT/XP. This product's main feature is its exceptional ease of installation and use. It is suitable even for beginners. Despite its user friendliness this software provides extremely high quality antivirus protection that meets and in most instances exceeds other products.

CyberScrub AntiVirus continuously checks for viruses in all opened, saved, and executed files, including archived and compressed files. Should an infected object be detected, the application will clean the infected location. A distinguishing feature of CyberScrub AntiVirus is its ability to delete malicious code from archives stored in ZIP format. Additionally, the software provides the option for on-demand scans of file contents, including files stored within MS Outlook Express. CyberScrub AntiVirus has three levels of anti-virus protection: Normal - Medium - High. The level chosen determines the level of anti-virus protection provided by on-demand checks and background monitoring.

CyberScrub AntiVirus not only scans the entire computer for viruses but can also target particular files, folders, or disks. To scan a particular object you do not have to open the main program window. You can use the Check For Viruses command that is added to the Windows shortcut menu once CyberScrub AntiVirus is installed on your computer. Software performance results are stored in log file.

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